My Wife Did Me More Harm Than Good

My wife brought home some different tools that she thought might help me after I fell in our backyard when I was working out there. She brought home different automated apparatuses that you can lay on and they will massage your back for you. Things seemed to be getting much worse. A Cumming chiropractor later told me that getting rid of serious backpain due to hurting yourself is not as simple as tense muscles that ache for a massage, and a professional really needs to handle it.

I know that my wife was just trying to help. But I think that neither one of us was really taking my pain seriously as we both should have. She knew that I didn’t want to go see anyone about it, so she dragged home massage wands, massage machines and more to see if I could get relief with any of them. The last machine she brought home flipped on with a flip of a switch, but when I layed down on it to use it, the massage attachments dug so deeply into my back that I cried out in pain. I had bruises on my back the next day and I could barely stand upright for the rest of that following day. I finally caught on that these things were not working and that I was really harming myself.

The chiropractor used teqniques that are nothing like the other things that I had been using. I was both amused and feeling foolish about my naivety. He did not use massage as she said that I wasn’t really ready for that and that he wanted to get my back straightened before he even attempted to do anything like that to my back. He said that, at most, gentle massaging can be used around the affected areas, but not on them.