Mom Knew Exactly Where to Take Us for Help

It didn’t take me long to pinpoint where a much-needed chiropractor in Sacramento had an office located near my apartment when I moved here. I simply cannot be without one. My entire family was involved in a car wreck when I was a kid, and that caused a lot of problems for all of us in the family for quite some time. My parents took each of us to a chiropractor whenever any of us kids were in pain. Mom said that we were too young to have to deal with the stress of physical pain, so she would shuttle us off for treatment quickly. It always helped us a lot.

My brother got the worst of it during that crash so long ago. Back then, there were no laws stating that seat belts were a must or you would be fined if caught by a police officer without your seat belt on. I remember most people back then simply not thinking about using them. Often, as soon as a child was old enough to no longer use a child’s seat, kids would be allowed to move around the inside of a vehicle without any restraint. Because of this, my bother was thrown from the backseat to the front. I slammed into the back of the backseat. Neither one of us had been old enough to know what back pain was prior to that. But after the accident, both of us began having pain.

Mom would take both of us to see the chiropractor on Saturday mornings when we were not in school. I really liked going because I would feel so relaxed afterward and his treatments were gentle. Two decades later, and I still remember all the tips he gave me back then to help me not put unnecessary stress on my back. He made childhood easy for me to deal with without aches and pains.