I Want to Move to Seaside Residences Too

When I first heard of the Seaside Residences by Fraser, it sounded really nice. I am not the type to just jump on the bandwagon though. I definitely needed more details not only on the development plan but on the developer as well. I decided to look up Fraser first, since they are pretty much the foundation of the entire project. I was impressed when I saw that they are on of the top develops in Singapore, and they have won numerous awards both here in Singapore as well as on the international stage.

After discovering that they are definitely a great company to develop a new condo area, I decided to look at the official website for the launch of Seaside Residences to see what was making the buzz about this launch so different than what I was used to hearing about other launches. You see, it is not unusual for a developer to create a new condo development here in Singapore. It seems like there is always one going up in one district or another. What is unusual is hearing so much buzz about one in particular, like I was hearing with the Seasides Residences development.

When I went to the website though to get more information, it did not take me long at all to see why people have been getting so excited about it. Even though I have a nice condo, even I want to get in on this because it is just a whole lot nicer than what I have right now. It has swimming pools and a fitness center like my condo does, but it has so much more too. It has tennis courts, gardens, a spa, a clubhouse, and much, much more to it. I have put myself on the list to get more updates as they become available. I don’t want to miss out on this!