I Lost a Tooth Riding My Bike

I was having a great time this weekend, but at the end of it I wound up trying to find a dentist in Fremont who would do an emergency appointment on a Sunday afternoon. I went out to the mountains with a half dozen other people and our mountain bikes. We were having a great time and of course I was wearing my helmet and everything else. I would have thought that all of that stuff would have protected me quite well and usually it would have. I have wrecked that bike at least a dozen times in the past and always got up and walked away with nothing worse than a couple of cuts and bruises. This time I went flying over my handlebars, there was a little tree across the trail and I had not seen it until it was right on top of me. My mouth just happened to hit a limb that knocked out one of my teeth.

The big problem was that that my gums were bleeding like mad and there was not any way to stop it. We went to this drugstore, I was out in the parking lot holding a bloody t shirt to my mouth. The others came back out and we ended up stuffing a bunch of gauze in there. That only worked for a short time and then we had to replace it. Of course I was mad for the most part, because I thought that I was the victim of a fluke accident. Eventually the bleeding stopped, but probably because it healed up on it’s own. It did not have much to do with any of the stuff that I had done. I had to go see a dentist the next day, but I still do not have a new tooth.