I Have This Strange New Job

Of course I was looking for a job rather like this, because I have been going to school and I do not have the time to work full time, but obviously I need to have money. This job is really quite awesome, because I am like a live in flunky to this old guy. He has a mansion in Brentwood and from all of the pictures he used to work in the movies. My job varies from day to day, yesterday I drove him to a Beverly Hills chiropractor and waited for him to get done. He came out of there feeling pretty frisky and so I drove him to this house in Malibu. There was a woman there, but I did not get to meet her. Instead I sat out on the beach about a block from her house. The boss called me on my phone when he was ready to go and then we went to shop for groceries.

This guy eats steak almost every night and that is fine by me, since he makes one for me as well. He likes huge prime porterhouse steaks and he has a butcher that he knows. I go by there regularly and I get baking potatoes as well. He told me that some fancy chef taught him how to cook, but of course he does not bring the steak home and cook it right away. Instead he ages them in his refrigerator for a couple of days. He explained it to me and I thought that he was joking, but that is really how you are supposed to do it. At least that is what these high end steakhouses and restaurants do. I probably eat food that is worth as much as the salary he pays me, but I think I am mostly there because the guy is lonely.