How Peoria Chiropractors Helped Fix 10 Years of Cumulative Damage

About 10 years ago I started working at a desk. I used to be in the field. I lost a lot of muscle mass and gained quite a bit of fat during those 10 years. My problem is that I kept eating the same even though my activity level was far less. The field work was physically demanding. The desk work is mentally demanding. The mental demands resulted in a desire for snacks and caffeine that were conveniently in the break room. My back started to hurt about two years ago, but I did not seek help from Peoria chiropractors until just a few months ago.

I had to take a week off from work to recuperate at home from severe back pain. My pain was up in my shoulders and neck. I had headaches and everything. Over the last 10 years of being hunched over a computer monitor, I caused a lot of damage. The chiropractor I saw noticed the weakness of muscles in my upper back as compared to pictures of how I looked when I worked in the field. Plus, I walked kind of leaned over with my neck and shoulders now. All of those years doing that had put quite a bit of pressure on the nerves that serve my upper torso and even my head and face. I was starting to have tingling in my ear and around my mouth and nose. My doctor thought I might have a circulatory problem and sent me for Doppler imaging. My blood vessels were okay, but it was suspected that I was also suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome.

The Peoria chiropractors that I started going to were able to work with me to bring about a drastic improvement in my condition. It took missing work due to back pain to get me to go and seek chiropractic help. It worked for me to relieve the pressure on the nerves, and relearning proper posture and rebuilding muscle mass helped fix the rest.