I Have It a Lot Easier in Life Than My Grandparents Did

People everywhere are so much more knowledgeable about what happens in our country now that we can read many different news sites online. In the past, everyone was limited to learning what we could from local newspapers and local TV news programs. I can now use different sites for news about many different things. My favorite sites are the ones that gather online articles from many different sites and put them on one site so that I don’t have to visit them all. I like to use trumpnewsfeed.com to get presidential news in one place. I’m now a big fan of trying to simplify my daily life in a lot of ways.

My grandparents used to tell me how hard daily life was for them when they were growing up. They simply did not have many things that we have now that help to organize and simplify so many things that we do. For example, in the past, women had to spend long hours in the kitchen in order to make a meal for their entire family. Today people can get their groceries or an entire cooked meal delivered to their home for dinner. (more…)