I Lost a Tooth Riding My Bike

I was having a great time this weekend, but at the end of it I wound up trying to find a dentist in Fremont who would do an emergency appointment on a Sunday afternoon. I went out to the mountains with a half dozen other people and our mountain bikes. We were having a great time and of course I was wearing my helmet and everything else. I would have thought that all of that stuff would have protected me quite well and usually it would have. I have wrecked that bike at least a dozen times in the past and always got up and walked away with nothing worse than a couple of cuts and bruises. (more…)

My Wife Did Me More Harm Than Good

My wife brought home some different tools that she thought might help me after I fell in our backyard when I was working out there. She brought home different automated apparatuses that you can lay on and they will massage your back for you. Things seemed to be getting much worse. A Cumming chiropractor later told me that getting rid of serious backpain due to hurting yourself is not as simple as tense muscles that ache for a massage, and a professional really needs to handle it.

I know that my wife was just trying to help. But I think that neither one of us was really taking my pain seriously as we both should have. (more…)

Mom Knew Exactly Where to Take Us for Help

It didn’t take me long to pinpoint where a much-needed chiropractor in Sacramento had an office located near my apartment when I moved here. I simply cannot be without one. My entire family was involved in a car wreck when I was a kid, and that caused a lot of problems for all of us in the family for quite some time. My parents took each of us to a chiropractor whenever any of us kids were in pain. Mom said that we were too young to have to deal with the stress of physical pain, so she would shuttle us off for treatment quickly. It always helped us a lot.

My brother got the worst of it during that crash so long ago. Back then, there were no laws stating that seat belts were a must or you would be fined if caught by a police officer without your seat belt on. (more…)

Filing for Bankruptcy Saved Me

When I began to consider filing for bankruptcy, it was not a decision that I made lightly. In fact, I tried for several weeks to make things work out for me so I would not have to go down that particular road. There were feelings of shame, but there was also a glimmer of hope that I could still find a way out of the mess I had found myself in. No matter what I did though, it soon became inevitable that I would need to talk to a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer.

My brother told me that he had seen where I could file for this on my own and save money, but I knew that I needed the professional help. I had looked at some bankruptcy rules for California, and my head was swimming with all the different rules for it. Just when I thought I had it figured out, I would read something else that would make me feel like I was starting out at the beginning again. (more…)

Meal Replacement Shakes Help Me Lose Weight

It seemed like when I tried to lose weight in the past, I always failed because it felt like I was starving myself. I would do good the first couple of days, but then I was just always hungry. I would start cheating just a little bit to stop my stomach from growling, and that would just snowball into me eating a lot more again. The only thing that ended up breaking that cycle was the best weight loss shakes I have ever tried. I never initially tried them because I just did not understand how a small shake was supposed to replace an entire meal, and me not be hungry after!

Well, I was desperate for something to work, and someone at work told me that is how she lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago. I had no idea she had ever been overweight, and that gave me the motivation I needed to go ahead and try it. (more…)